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CORNILLE's activity

Raw materials and production lines

The raw materials, coming from the slaughterhouses partners, are classified in two categories (food bones and recoverable fats), whose volume treated on the year 2017 is distributed as follows:

Activit CORNILLE 2013

Depending on their quality and classification, these co-products are processed on dedicated production lines (food approval or Category 3). The diagrams below represent the key steps of each process:

Finished products

The finished products from our production lines are diverse:
  • Tallows (melted animal fat and bone fat)
  • Dehydrated bovine proteins
  • PAP
  • Bone chips for gelatin production

They present a wide range of applications and are intended to different sectors of activity, according to their status:

  • Human nutrition
  • Feed for livestock
  • Pet Food
  • Fertilization
  • Industry (oleochemistry, biofuel)