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Our certifications

Obtaining ISCC Eu (2013), ISO 50001 (2017), ISO 22000 (2012) and ISO 14001 (2004) certification as well as the GMP+ (2009) certificate has reinforced a company policy focused on improving product quality, on meeting customer's requirements and on protecting the environment.

Certificat ISCC Eu in 2013

ISCC can be used to demonstrate compliance with sustainability requirements from authorities, business customers and final consumers.
ISCC can be applied for the certification of all kinds of biomass and bioenergy as well as for biomass-based products in the food, feed and chemical industries. Certificat ISCC Eu

GMP+ certificate awarded in 2009

GMP is short for "Good manufacturing management Practices".
These guidelines are designed for the various operators involved in the animal feed industry, and their aim is to ensure the food safety of the products as well as to encourage the development of the business of the companies involved.

The GMP guidelines are underpinned by technical and scientific principles which reinforce their reliability to the conformity assessment authorities, the consumer and the industry. Certification is carried out by independent organizations, in accordance with GMP guidelines. GMP+

ISO 50001 in 2017, ISO 22000 in 2012 and ISO 14001 in 2004

* ISO 50001 refers to Energy Management System.

* ISO 22000 is an international Food Safety Management Standard.

* ISO 14001 is awarded to Environmental Management Systems (EMS) which enable an organization to develop and to implement a policy as well as goals dealing with environmental protection.

In order to be awarded ISO 14001 certification, the operator must comply with current legislation, and implement an improvement plan as well as a pollution prevention plan.

=> Bureau Veritas is the organization which monitors and assesses the operators and decides whether to award them certification or not.

Certifications ISO 50001Certifications ISO 22000Certifications ISO 14001