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CORNILLE and the environment

Energy sources

The steam used by CORNILLE is supplied by the energy recovery plant located nearby.

Discharges in the natural environment

CORNILLE has its own water treatment plant which processes all its waste before it is released in the natural environment.
Thanks to the technology used (ultra-filtration) CORNILLE fully complies with current discharge standards.
The discharge in the environment is monitored by the Scheduled Establishment Department of the DDSCPP (Department Directorate for Social Cohesion and Population Protection), and the Water Agency of the Loire Bretagne area.

Treatment of odours

20 000 Nm3/hour of malodorous gases are treated by going through an air washer and a bio-filter.
The air washer eliminates all the ammonia present in the gases which then pass through the bio-filter which is equipped with baffle plates and a 1.5 m thick filtering medium (a mixture of peat and heather) where they are cleansed and cleared of the remaining volatile organic compounds.

The bio-filter is monitored by the Scheduled Establishment Department of the DDSCPP.
CORNILLE treatment
Treatment of odours