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Our jobs

Automated line operator

In charge of one or several processing lines, he / she will ensure that the processes operate correctly and that our finished products are of the expected quality.

The role

  • To carry out several manufacturing operations
  • To take delivery of and check the raw materials
  • To drive the manufacturing process
  • To clean and maintain the equipment
  • To monitor the operations, detect and report any anomalies
  • To fill in the production documents
  • To feed the production lines
  • To check and control quality

The skills

  • A good knowledge of production machinery (grinder, separator, decanter, dryer) in a very automated environment.
  • A proficiency in technical skills
  • Rigorous work standards
  • An ability to adhere to production objectives
  • A capacity to check one's work and account for it

The line operator is the driver of the whole process. He is the main player in the manufacture of the finished product as far as quality and quantity are concerned. He has at his disposal a processing plant of the latest generation equipped with the most advanced techniques.

Maintenance technician

One of the most versatile operators in the industry, he / she will use his / her numerous technical skills in order to ensure the maintenance and repair of equipment and machinery. Reactivity and availability are essential.

The role

  • To fit, install, maintain and monitor plant machinery and equipment
  • To respond swiftly in case of a breakdown
  • To make the repairs within the constraints
  • To make sure the equipment is working after the repair
  • To complete the forms (traceability) and process them (CAM)
  • The skills

    • Good knowledge of electrical, hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic equipment
    • Proficiency in computer-aided maintenance
    • Good interpersonal skills (with own team, other users, external service providers)
    • Analytical abilities
    • Self initiative
    • Teaching skills

    CORNILLE is equipped with a processing plant of the latest generation.
    PLCs, Profibus network, management systems etc. create a very varied environment for a technician looking for diversity and complexity.
    All the technical fields are involved : mechanics, electricity, hydraulics and also steam generation, fluid distribution systems, industrial IT systems, etc.